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Fiction can be exciting, inventive, and entertaining, but for really incredible and unbelievable tales, you just can't beat fact. That's why I write books that are either factual ,or based on real events and criminal cases. How about these real life cases?
-A detective who produced a last minute confession to the Lindbergh kidnapping just days before someone else was scheduled to be executed for the crime.
-A couple found shot to death in a locked room.
-A lighthouse keeper found dead in his lighthouse, but the blood on the floor belonged to someone else.
-A shipwrecked Spaniard who became a Mayan war chief in the 1500s.
And a lot more.
There are plenty of strange and fascinating events to write about and that's what I do. I write about real events because truth really is stranger than fiction
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Do you know of an interesting historical crime, personality or incident? Let me know about it and your name might appear in my next book.
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Death in Unlikely Places: A Max Hurlock Roaring 20s Mystery

A serial killer is loose in Florida, and every crime is impossible!

In 1926, the bottom is dropping out of the Florida real estate boom and someone is angry enough to kill off local real estate developers in spectacular ways. The killer strikes in a locked room, a boat on a lake, an elevator whose only passenger was the victim, up in a tree, and in a locked art gallery whose only door is in constant view of dozens of people. And no one sees him.

The police don't know who is to blame or how he is committing the murders. Now Max Hurlock has to stop an impossible crime wave by finding a man who seems to be invisible.

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Giving my regards to Broadway
Dropping in on Sherlock Holmes
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 Flanagan and the Crown of   Mexico
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Master Detective
The Max Hurlock Roaring 20s Mysteries
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One of the great things about writing is how it gives you a chance to meet new people and do new things
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"Count me as a super-fan of  John Reisinger. I predict that every lover of an exciting tale told well will agree."
                                                                                                        Anne Stinson, Book Reviewer, The Tidewater Times
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